Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you today?

Question about a charge on your statement?
Call 1-888-346-4780 now for immediate assistance or you can email us at
What is Free Rewards Plus?
Free Rewards Plus is a rewards and discount shopping service that will help reduce your monthly bills and save money on everyday purchases through their portal Each month, you will be able to claim up to cash back off virtually ANY home bill, even grocery bills and can claim other additional monthly rewards. You'll get access exclusive savings at thousands of national and local merchants and on Gift Cards, plus cash back rebates when shopping online at stores like Target, Best Buy and Walmart. Best of all, you can also claim a gift card and cash back off the purchase you made when you signed up, just for agreeing to try it out for 30-days free.
How does it work?
Upon enrolling, you will have a 30-day period during which you can use the program benefits as much as you like. If you find the service is not for you, call us before the end of the trial period, toll-free at 1-888-346-4780, and you won't be charged. If you wish to continue with your subscription after the trial period you agreed upon, the monthly subscription fee is automatically charged to the billing source authorized by you.
Does the service automatically continue after the trial?
Yes it will, unless you call or email before to cancel. During your enrollment your electronic signature was received, authorizing us to charge you a membership fee every month after the trial period to the method of payment you have provided when you enrolled. Canceling is easy. Just call 1-888-346-4780 or email if you would change to another card to make these payments, to cancel, or for any other customer service issues.
When does the trial period start?
Your trial period begins about the next business day after acceptance and lasts for about 37 days to allow you to have about 30 days from when you receive your Welcome Letter to review the program.
I don't recall signing up for Free Rewards Plus?
You most likely signed up when you placed an order over the phone in response to a promotion/infomercial on TV. A 30-day FREE trial in Free Rewards Plus is an exclusive offer, with separate terms and conditions from the order you called in for. New sign-ups are processed only with the verbal consent of the customer, which is recorded and could be made available upon request. We then sent you a Welcome Notification by mail or email shortyly after you signed-up, reiterating the terms and conditions. If you are simply looking to cancel, you can login and cancel in the 'My Account' area or request to cancel by emailing
How do I cancel?
You can simply call 1-888-346-4780 or send them an email at If you send an email, please be sure to provide your address and your 8 digit member number, if possible.
What does it cost?
Free Rewards Plus is absolutely FREE for the first 30-days. You and your family can use it as much as you want in that 30-day period and if you find it's helping you save money and want to continue, do nothing and they'll extend your service for $24.95 a month until you tell them to stop.
Why did I have to login when I already created a login?
We are sorry for the inconvenience but with the site redesign, we needed customers to create a new login.
How do I access all the deals and discounts I'm entitled to?
Your membership includes exclusive access to a discount shopping benefits through a savings network where you can get deals on hundreds of thousands of products, services, and restaurants from top national brands like Apple, Best Buy, Subway, Dominos and even local merchants. To access them now, click here
How do download the discount savings app?
To learn how to download the app click here
Do I need the app for all my show-on-phone coupons to use in stores/restaurants?
No, the site was created to adjust to be viewed perfectly in the normal browser of your phone. All of the functions including the searchable database and mapping instructions can also be used without the app.
How do I claim the cash back reward I was promised with my trial when I enrolled?
You will need to download and complete the redemption form. Click on 'Forms' in the navigation bar and look for 'Cash Back Rebate Reward Form' to download. Complete and send in the form with a receipt from the purchase you made when you enrolled in Free Rewards Plus so we can verify your enrollment and account information.
Can I have the gift card and cash back reward forms mailed to me?
You will need to call the customer care line and simply request the forms you need and we will drop them in the mail to you right away.
How do I claim the monthly cash back reward?
Members are entitled to cash back rewards each month off a home service bill, groceries or tickets and admissions. Simply download and fill out a form carefully indicating the category of your purchase and attaching the receipt as proof of purchase and we will send you a cash back reward with a maximum amount of $25. Members may alternate rebate categories each month. This promotion is available for a limited time only and may change from time to time.
What bills can I get monthly cash back for?
ANY home bill, including your electric, heating, phone, cable, satellite, Internet service, even Netflix! You will need to save your bill or invoice and submit it with a redemption form - they will also accept grocery receipts!
Why am I getting magazines?
This is one of your free rewards. We'll start your first subscription after your 30-day trial and you'll receive new subscriptions monthly for the first 5 months with the potential for more FREE subscriptions thereafter. We will custom-tailor your selections from our inventory of the country's most popular magazines like Martha Stewart Living, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Better Homes and Gardens, Field and Stream and Men's Health. You don't have to do a thing. We will automatically fulfill the magazines we identified in your Welcome Letter if you continue after your trial.
The Welcome Letter/Email mentions the value of magazines - what does that mean?
A portion of the monthly fee of your ongoing service after your 30-day free trial includes a magazine benefit and we break those amounts out for you on the Welcome Letter/Email. In turn, if you want to decline your magazine benefit, you can receive a refund of the amount of the magazine benefit by contacting our Customer Support Team.
How do I get deals at Dell?
Enjoy a lowest price guarantee; free shipping and easy returns; and exclusive savings of up to 30% at Shop with confidence knowing you’ll always get the best price available without the hassle of expensive shipping costs and restocking fees on returns.